program v/s performance

At r+d studio we believe that the mantra to design is hidden with the design program. The program sheets is studied, discussed, reviewed and further discussed before one jumps to the drawing board. The program operates for a long time in a diagram mode, till all inter and intra relationships, dependencies and adjacencies are established. Multiple diagrams are created and considered for their performance factor. Understanding performa of a space not only reorganizes architecture but adds viability to it. Performance is tested by understanding the user in depth and allowing different programs that operate on the fringes of architecture to affect. Parameters are reformulated and re-programmed.


process v/s project

The idea of one ideal solution in architecture is a misnomer. The process of architecture is iterative as well as perceptive. One generally begins with asking questions which then allows the proposed system to be more real. The more loaded the system, more probable is its possibility. With advent of visualization tools exploration of design has found new dimensions. The multiple diagrams shape into multiple architectural solutions which metamorphose eventually into one single solution where all the rules initially established are still valid. Physicality of a space is best understood in 3d dimension and for this very reason, physical and 3d process models are the main mode of communication with the client. Here the performance of a space is demonstrated.


architecture v/s identity

Architecture is repository of culture. It reflects its existence in time. The site grounds architecture and adds complexity to the program by creating a symptomatic relationship between the building and its context. The studio firmly believes that every design needs to engage with its ecology and identify with its context. The studio strives towards creating an identity for the project that inculcates the above.