Area : 6160 sq m
Location : Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Status : Completed
Team : Shikha Doogar, Shridhar Rao, Rachita Malhotra, Neha Yadav, Aditi Bhatia, Sanjoy Kumar Deb, Anshul Kapoor, Samiksha Khanna, Harshat Verma, Mudit Gupta, Aarushi Kalra, Sanchit Arora, Shreya Gera

r+d studio conceptualized the primary school to be a space that is conducive to a child’s evolutionary development – almost like a trigger where he/she is driven to act, explore, discover, invent and most importantly, be inquisitive. The design followed through by manifesting itself into an organic entity, almost like a little children’s village. Rather than exemplifying the typology of an academic quadrangle, the school functions as an arrangement of clusters that are strung together around different ‘Pods’ of interaction.

The complex includes a primary school wing, a Kindergarten wing, and accompanying recreational and administration areas. Through this broader classification into two separate wings, a central courtyard emerges, where the children of different age groups can converge, interact and play with each other.

The design process was key to the investigation of this concept. The performance of each space was evaluated in terms of spatial adjacencies and interdependencies to ensure efficient planning. Through multiple diagrams, the various inter and intra relationships between spaces eventually metamorphosed into a single, stimulating architectural solution for the primary school.