St. Dunstan College

Area : 9255 sqm
Location : Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Status : Completed
Team : Shikha Doogar, Shridhar Rao, Mudit Gupta, Tiyas Mandal, Rohan Arora

The client’s brief visualized a school to be designed for children from the ages of 3-18. Keeping the client’s requirements in mind, r+d studio designed a campus to promote playful links for the young people. This was achieved by understanding and providing opportunities for spaces which provide a balance between education and extracurricular activities. A useful connection for children during their time in and after school.

The design concept revolves around the yin and yang concept of learn and play, how one activity supports the other. Between these activities lies the scope of interaction among the students. By creating spaces which are dependent on one another, the spaces act almost like a trigger for the user, where he/she is driven to act, explore, discover, invent and most importantly, be inquisitive.

The complex includes a kindergarten wing, a primary school wing, a senior school wing, two multi-purpose halls, and accompanying play and administration areas. Through a generic classification into the study and recreational spaces, a courtyard emerges, where the children of different age groups can converge, interact and play with each other.