Shiv Agarwal Farmhouse

Area : 800 sq m
Location : Farm House, Chattarpur
Status : Completed
Team : Shridhar Rao, Shikha Doogar, Durga Prasad

The project was a redesign of an existing residence, based on the client’s request, the spatial layout of the house was to be maintained. While keeping this consideration in mind, r+d studio designed a spatial layout that was sensitive towards the client’s sentiments, by retaining the existing plan within the same footprint, and changing the design elements present.

The freedom available was that the façade could be redesigned along with the form of the building. Using architecture as an expression of art, the residence was given volume in the form of cubes, to help play with shadow and light. A sculptural spiral staircase was designed within the entry foyer as a design element. Long floor to ceiling windows were added into the public spaces to allow for better views of the landscaping, for natural day light into the spaces, and for transparency is some spaces. The landscaped areas are mostly used for recreational activities by the residents of the house.

The house includes a drawing room and a dining area as their public spaces. Bedrooms, a den, gym, and the study are accompanied by the kitchens and bathrooms as their private spaces within the residence.