Indian War Museum

Area : 37,6457 sq ft
Location : Princes Park, New Delhi, India
Status : Competition
Team : Shridhar Rao, Shikha Doogar, Tiyas Mandal, Durga Prasad G., Smriti Kapoor, Silky Verma, Akshay Srinivas, Rashmi Singh, Rohan Arora, Raghav Raj, Ishan Pal

r+d conceptualized the form as a resultant of two main concepts germinating from a singular idea of the Fort. Firstly, the settlement within a Fort is translated as points and lines, destination and journey. The galleries and non-gallery spaces become generators to the connections. Secondly, a Fort is a walled city that doesn’t allow penetration except for controlled access and random visual connections. This idea has been expressed through keeping the museum as an opaque box with minimal openings constructed as folds and lifts.

The linearity of the site is split into four zones. In response to the axis established with the Hexagon, the proposed built is saddled between the landscape which is also seen as an extension of the Museum. The site is split into permeable and semi-permeable edge, which translates into visual connectivity and controlled accessibility. The building program zoned on the site construes the site experience, allowing for a seamless pedestrian and vehicular access. The zoning focuses on the location of the program with respect to each other and the multiple points of access. The landscape splits into a public sculpture park and a private gallery reinforcing the visual connection between the street and the museum.

The Museum is conceived as a set of boxes enclosing a central vertical stack of ramps and bridges through which light penetrates and illuminates the Museum.