Ecole Mahindra Hostel Block

Area : 5,31,000 sq ft

Location : Hyderabad
Status : Ongoing
Team : Shridhar Rao, Shikha Doogar, Durga Prasad

r+d studio intended on designing lively and comfortable residential spaces for the students as their residence and academic blocks are within the same campus. Hence, colors were added to the design of the façade to help brighten up the building. r+d studio envisioned to the keep the minds of the scholars intrigued by designing a façade with triangularly orientated elements that play with light and shadow throughout the day.

The hostel includes dining spaces that function as communal spaces where the students and teachers can interact with one another. Some of the other spaces include studio apartments for the educators as well as courtyards within the segregated hostel blocks for the students. The brief aims to provide for comfortable living spaces for the users of the site.

The client brief required for accommodation to be designed for the students that are enrolled in the Mahindra École Centrale. By studying the site context and the social norms of the users of the space, r+d studio designed a cluster of hostel blocks designated for the scholars. The clustering of blocks is dependent on occupancy of the users and the blocks are designed to have a clear distinction and demarcation between the spaces that could be used by women and men separately, with some communal spaces that are accessible to both.