Dubai Architecture College

Area :
Location :Dubai, UAE
Status :Competition
Team :Shridhar Rao, Shikha Doogar, Aditi Bhatia, Sanjoy Kumar Deb, Anshul Kapoor, Samiksha Khanna, Harshat Verma, Mudit Gupta

The concept of the New design School is based on the disbanding of the hierarchy of education and allowing an environment where one is challenged and provided the opportunity to grow and explore creativity. The new curriculum is based on core idea of education and internship where the offices and the school feed off each other by establishing a model of coexistence.

The building is banded into different “forms of knowledge “which connect to each other for social or technical support. The social spaces spine through the building creating interaction through visual, physical or circulatory connections. The program ordinaries’ is abandoned and a methodology of program through curriculum is created which again promotes interaction between the profession and the academia. The built is striated by fields of design and program which exist at the brink of architectural typologies. The offices coexist in coherence with suggested fields thus promoting a less vertical structure but a more challenging academic environment.

The organization of the built relies on the theatrical concepts of Bauhaus ideologies by exhibiting the “Men at Work” through use of transparency and translucency.