Chi Skyscraper

Area : 19,800 sqft
Location : Chicago, USA
Status : Competition
Team : Shridhar Rao, Shruti Wagh, Devank Suri, Shreya Gera, Depanshu Gola, Ishan Pal, Mudit Gupta, Arjun Sara,Devansh Das

The competition brief challenges the entrants to identify and develop solutions for the design of a Center for Architecture, Design and Education (CADE) that will reaffirm the crucial role architecture and design play in the future of Chicago and will serve as a model for future learning environments that not only improve student achievement but also act as catalysts for vibrant community engagement around local design challenges and opportunities.

r+d proposed “The LOOP” wherein CADE moves into its new home, a soaring 34 storey glass tower which is a composition of both transparent and translucent boxes. The expandable translucent boxes intercept the seamless transparent box advantageously to create a dynamic facade which is both animated and programmed. This building will offer to us the past, present and an opportunity to facilitate the youth to re-imagine the future of Chicago.

The building’s most original feature is the Loop and the manner in which it transcends through the tower. CADE’s Loop will be a spectacle for the riders, pedestrians and passer-by as a reminiscent of the Chicago’s historic loop which touched major landmarks. The Loop is ever-changing translating into social spaces in the sky which are all public and semi-public in program.

The design adheres to the mandate of the competition and provides a model for new educational system infringing from the routine of educational hierarchy and systematically creating opportunities for programmed and non-programmed spaces to mix. The design attempts to blur the boundary between inside and out through the Loop. The other main attraction of the design is the free aerial view of the Chicago model for model.

Christened as the LOOP the tower is a continuous public performance as the program expands, collapses and overlaps within the transparent and translucent boxes. The building can hence be read as an poignant expression of an urban path or an extreme collapse and regeneration of learning spaces or maybe both.