Bangalore International Centre

Area : 11436.1 sqm
Location : Domlur, East Bangalore
Status :Competition
Team :Shridhar Rao, Shikha Doogar, Aditi Bhatia, Sanjoy Kumar Deb, Anshul Kapoor, Samiksha Khanna, Harshat Verma, Mudit Gupta

BIC is a building whose architecture not only extends but inhabits the visitor by truly being a building for the public.The building program highlights a distinct separation between Public and Private functions of BIC.r+d proposes to re-examine their zoning and explore opportunities to mix up the Private and Public programs to redefine their relationships that will allow public life to flow through BIC rather than just surround it.

Rather than constructing a stringent division between back of house and front of house the program organization creates an experience of a house full of activity.The concept of the  garden being an integral  part of the micro and macro planning of Bangalore encouraged the firm to take the garden into the building as both public and private terraces.The edges of the program are defined by public gardens while the inside tries to have their own intimate setting with the green.The building will be part of the everyday life of the Bangalore citizen,where any visitor can experience the building without infringing its privacy and take walk in the park.The street extends into the building both as an urban plaza and an urban garden.

The plaza and the park give back to the city by promoting free cultural events like art shows,theatrics,free speech.The form and proportions of the buildings and the porosity of its volume blur the idea of front and back of the building. The building is a set of blocks stacked over each other to create spaces that are seamless and flexible.