Alwar Commercial

Area : 10780 sq ft
Location : Alwar, Rajasthan
Status : Ongoing
Team : Shikha Doogar, Shridhar Rao, Durga Prasad, Raghav Raj, Faiz Ahmed

The conceptual design was produced from the idea of playing with layers within the elevational façade to promote visual connectivity within the building. The design concept is grounded to the idea of the context surrounding the site. Furthermore, the design of the commercial estate is a nod towards preserving what is existing and for r+d studio as architectural designers to preserve it, and simultaneously create a modern piece of architecture of the 21st century. There was a tree that was present on the site before the work for the project began and hence the designing has been around the idea of preserving the tree.

The client’s brief visualized the redesign of a commercial building. By demolishing the walls and floor slabs within certain areas, r+d studio freed up space and visualized the building as a modern adaptation of its predecessor. The site remains the same, but the user experience changes. The program list for the new project is derived from the existing list of functions that are currently present within the building.