At r+d studio, the team is united by the desire to explore architectural innovation through a comprehensive design process. Together, we bring our diversified expertise to form a productive and lively studio environment.

Our architectural work is supported by an expansive range of disciplines, some of which include; architectural design, interior design, urban planning and design, model making, digital technologies and the management of our resources. The team at r+d studio consists of everyone from experienced architects who have been at the firm for many years to fresh graduates who are just entering the work field.

At r+d studio, there exists very little hierarchy, allowing everyone and anyone to get involved in the design process. By doing so, the best is brought out of each individual, allowing the seasoned architects to lend their experience to help aid the innovative design ideas of the fresh graduates.

Prasant  Kumar Behera
Ashwijit Singh
Arushi Chand
Karishma Garg 
Durga Prasad
Rohan Arora
Raghav Raj
Kushagra Verma
Utkarsh Kulshrestha
Gandharv Marwah
Alphy George
Shikha Doogar
Shridhar Rao